HP LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475 - 10.100X Supply Memory Error

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10.100X Supply Memory Error


A specific print cartridge has a faulty or missing memory chip.

"X" indicates the cartridge: 0=black, 1=cyan, 2=magenta, 3=yellow.

Recommended action

Check the memory chip. If it is broken or damaged, replace the cartridge.

Verify that the cartridge is installed in the correct location.

Reinstall the print cartridge.

Turn off and then turn on the product.

If the error is with a color cartridge, try swapping it with a different color cartridge in the tray. If the
same message appears, then there is an engine problem. If a different 10.100X message appears,
replace the cartridge.

If the problem is not solved, replace the cartridge.