HP LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475 - Print when a print cartridge is at estimated end of life

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Print when a print cartridge is at estimated end of life

Supply-related notifications are communicated on the product control panel.

A <Supply> Low message—where <Supply> is the color cartridge—appears when a print
cartridge is nearing the estimated end of its useful life.

A <Supply> Very Low message appears when the print cartridge is at its estimated end of
useful life. To ensure optimal print quality, HP recommends replacing a print cartridge when the
<Supply> Very Low message appears.

Print-quality problems can occur when using a cartridge that is at its estimated end of life. The supply
does not need to be replaced at this point in time unless the print quality is no longer acceptable.


Using the


setting allows printing beyond Very Low without customer interaction

and can result in unsatisfactory print quality.

When a color print cartridge becomes very low, the product prints in black only to prevent fax
interruptions. To configure the product to print in color and use the remaining toner in the print
cartridge past very low, follow these steps:


From the Home screen on the control panel, touch the Setup



Open the following menus:

System Setup

Supply Settings

Color Cartridges

Very Low Setting


When you choose to replace the very low print cartridge, color printing resumes automatically.


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