HP LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475 - Understand paper use

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Understand paper use

This product supports a variety of paper and other print media. Paper or print media that does not
meet the following guidelines might cause poor print quality, increased jams, and premature wear on
the product.

It is possible for paper to meet all of these guidelines and still not produce satisfactory results. This
might be the result of improper handling, unacceptable temperature and/or humidity levels, or other
variables over which Hewlett-Packard has no control.


Using paper or print media that does not meet Hewlett-Packard's specifications might

cause problems for the product, requiring repair. This repair is not covered by the Hewlett-Packard
warranty or service agreements.

For best results, use only HP-brand paper and print media designed for laser printers or

Do not use paper or print media made for inkjet printers.


HP LaserJet products use fusers to bond dry toner particles to the paper in very

precise dots. HP laser paper is designed to withstand this extreme heat. Using inkjet paper could
damage the product.

Hewlett-Packard Company cannot recommend the use of other brands of media because HP
cannot control their quality.

Use the following guidelines to obtain satisfactory results when using special paper or print media.
Set the paper type and size in the printer driver to obtain the best results.

Media type


Do not


Store envelopes flat.

Use envelopes where the seam
extends all the way to the corner
of the envelope.

Use peel-off adhesive strips that
are approved for use in laser

Do not use envelopes that are
wrinkled, nicked, stuck together, or
otherwise damaged.

Do not use envelopes that have
clasps, snaps, windows, or coated

Do not use self-stick adhesives or
other synthetic materials.


Use only labels that have no
exposed backing between them.

Use labels that lie flat.

Use only full sheets of labels.

Do not use labels that have
wrinkles or bubbles, or are

Do not print partial sheets of


Use only transparencies that are
approved for use in color laser

Place transparencies on a flat
surface after removing them from
the product.

Do not use transparent print media
not approved for laser printers.


Chapter 6 Paper and print media


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Media type


Do not

Letterhead or preprinted forms

Use only letterhead or forms
approved for use in laser printers.

Do not use raised or metallic

Heavy paper

Use only heavy paper that is
approved for use in laser printers
and meets the weight
specifications for this product.

Do not use paper that is heavier
than the recommended media
specification for this product
unless it is HP paper that has
been approved for use in this

Glossy or coated paper

Use only glossy or coated paper
that is approved for use in laser

Do not use glossy or coated paper
designed for use in inkjet products.


Understand paper use