HP LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475 - Use fax on a DSL, PBX, or ISDN system

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Use fax on a DSL, PBX, or ISDN system

HP products are designed specifically for use with traditional analog phone services. They are not
designed to work on DSL, PBX, ISDN lines, or VoIP services, but they can work with the proper
filters, setup, and equipment from a digital services provider.


HP recommends discussing DSL, PBX, ISDN, and VoIP setup options with the service



Chapter 12 Fax


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The HP LaserJet product is an analog device that is not compatible with all digital phone
environments (unless a digital-to-analog converter is used). HP does not guarantee that the product
will be compatible with digital environments or digital-to-analog converters.